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12 October 2023
Revolutionizing solar access: Hohm Energy’s game-changing R999 offer paves the way for affordable, sustainable living

A groundbreaking transformation is underway in South Africa’s renewable energy sector, led by the solar marketplace pioneer Hohm Energy.

15 September 2023
A trusted solar marketplace: the cure to my co-dependent long-term relationship

Because while choice is great, it can also be overwhelming, especially with all the solar mavericks out there trying to make a quick buck at the consumer’s expense.

6 September 2023
How to beat Stage 6 and the increased price of diesel

Compounded with the skyrocketing costs of diesel, the situation now calls for an urgent and radical rethink of how we approach energy consumption and generation.

30 August 2023
Some practical advice on solar power: What you need to know

Recently, we have seen a decrease in load shedding, which tends to create quiet within the solar industry. This lull might be bad for Solar Companies, but it’s great news for end consumers.

11 August 2023
Before you switch to solar, you’re going to want to read this

Visit www.hohmenergy.co.za to read more about us, and sign up to generate your indicative proposal in under 5 minutes to get the process started!

10 August 2023
Overcoming hurdles on the path to renewable energy progress

Hohm Energy understands the uniqueness of each client’s energy requirements and budget constraints. Hence, it specializes in crafting personalized solutions that cater precisely to individual needs.

2 August 2023
Solar power installations from Ellies – The best financial decision for your home

When installing a solar power system for your home, it is equally important to use a qualified installer who has your best interests at heart. Ellies guarantees this thanks to its robust national network of installers.

1 August 2023
EcoFlow August Sale – Save over 40% on South Africa’s best portable power stations

EcoFlow is running a sale that makes its industry-leading portable power stations even more affordable for South Africans.

1 August 2023
Best energy companies in South Africa

The country has many great businesses that deliver excellent products and services in the energy sector – including Ellies, SolarAfrica, EcoFlow, and Hohm Energy.

14 July 2023
Hohm Energy: Setting the standard in quality, trusted solar installations

In the wake of recent incidents involving solar installations gone wrong, the importance of safety and quality in solar energy systems has come into sharp focus for solar customers.

5 July 2023
New electricity tariffs make it clear that solar is now an absolute no-brainer

Whilst loadshedding across the country may have surprisingly paused for now, South Africa is currently grappling with escalating electricity costs.

3 July 2023
Driving Sustainability — Brandon Horn of SolarAfrica outlines the business benefits of battery storage

Brandon Horn is the National Sales Manager at SolarAfrica Energy and boasts over 16 years of sales and business development experience.

23 June 2023
Join South Africa’s solar rooftop revolution and be part of the solution!

lluminate your path to energy independence with Hohm Energy, the leading solar fintech marketplace platform in South Africa.

26 May 2023
Brace yourself for Stage 8 or even 10 winter load-shedding – Hohm Energy is your solar solution

The winter chill is fast approaching, and with it, an impending surge in energy demand.

26 May 2023
Everything you need to know before installing a solar power system

South Africa’s unabating energy crisis is fuelling a rush towards solar photovoltaic (PV) systems by households and businesses alike.

12 May 2023
What’s Next — Hohm Energy’s Matthew Cruise on the role of solar energy in South Africa

In this episode of What’s Next, Matthew Cruise — Hohm Energy’s Head of Business Intelligence and Public Relations — talks about the role of solar energy in South Africa.

11 May 2023
2023 has already had the most load-shedding in history – Here’s how Hohm Energy can help

Today Hohm Energy, South Africa’s solar marketplace, has launched a humorous but hard hitting video campaign to encourage consumers to take control of their power(less) situation.

31 March 2023
Your guide to solar financing

Load shedding quintupled last year compared to 2021, when measured in Gigawatt hours.

17 March 2023
EcoFlow’s new DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 Series take the sting out of loadshedding

The DELTA 2 is a robust energy solution that gives consumers a taste of energy independence.

23 February 2023
Escalating load shedding and solar incentives announced, now what?

If the reaction to President Ramaphosa’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) is anything to go by, then it’s clear that South Africans have finally realised that load shedding isn’t going away anytime soon.

15 February 2023
New solar climate-tech platform helps installers scale

Everybody knows how challenging it is to start and operate one’s own business successfully.

13 January 2023
Solar is the one New Year’s resolution you can keep – for the sake of your well-being, your pocket and the planet!

We are already well into the New Year and hopefully you are already sticking to your resolutions in order to help you enjoy a happier, healthier and successful 2023.

9 December 2022
How to beat the new normal of stage 6+ load shedding and enjoy your festive season

Eskom has yet again managed to ensure that our well-deserved festive season may not run as anticipated.

8 December 2022
Beat load-shedding with big savings on EcoFlow power stations

The EcoFlow RIVER and DELTA power station ranges are both extremely popular in South Africa, thanks to their high capacity and outputs.

28 November 2022
Driving Sustainability — SolarAfrica’s David McDonald on how battery storage is viable for South African businesses

David McDonald is the co-founder and CEO of SolarAfrica, where he leads a dynamic team that is passionate about solar energy savings.

11 November 2022
Get affordable solar power for your business – without any capital costs

SolarAfrica Energy was founded in 2011 to help South African businesses benefit from solar power without breaking the bank.

10 November 2022
One company is shaking up the solar industry with their “best quality at best price guarantee” paired with financing options

Enter Hohm Energy, South Africa’s first solar marketplace platform. With Hohm Energy, everything is online, convenient and fast.

24 October 2022
The load-shedding survival kit is here

EcoFlow’s battery management system has a proven track record in challenging environments, regulating current, voltage, and temperature in real-time.

21 October 2022
South Africa’s first fintech solar marketplace enables residential solar installers to grow their business

South Africa’s burgeoning solar industry is currently experiencing a gold rush as both solar installers and product suppliers rush to service the pent-up demand.

8 September 2022
Homeowners finally see light at the end of the load-shedding tunnel

This year has been the worst load-shedding year South Africa has ever experienced, and we are just into the last quarter!

26 May 2022
Solar systems now pay for themselves – Here’s the proof

With Eskom having projected 61 days of load shedding from March, winter is only going to get colder with the lights going off an average of every third day.

1 November 2021
Keep your home powered during load-shedding with EcoFlow

EcoFlow’s Delta range of battery-powered generators will keep your home with power for hours no matter the circumstances.

1 October 2021
EcoFlow – The perfect power solutions for summer in South Africa

EcoFlow’s range of portable power stations are ideal for keeping your appliances and devices powered from anywhere and at any time.

1 September 2021
EcoFlow DELTAMAX – A power supply for South Africans

The portable DELTAMAX power station is one of EcoFlow’s premium products and thanks to its portability, it can be used as a power source at any location.

21 June 2021
EcoFlow Portable Power Generator – The best way to deal with load-shedding

EcoFlow’s range of innovative energy storage products make it easy to keep your devices running when Eskom implements load-shedding.

7 April 2021
Do your homework before you get into solar

Businesses offering solar power are on the rise because of the increasing demand from commerce, manufacturing, the agriculture sector and homeowners seeking alternative energy solutions.

2 February 2021
Reduce your electricity costs forever with Ellies

YEllies is future-ready with cutting edge, alternative energy and solar power solutions for South Africans who want to reduce their footprint on the national grid.

18 January 2021
Ellies solar is the ideal energy solution for any lifestyle or business – so what’s holding us back?

You won’t have any doubts with Ellies. We have a reputation that we have built over 40 years. We are a sound business producing and providing a range of products that are sourced or manufactured to highest standards of quality.

7 December 2020
Ellies shows improvement is possible even in tough times

Here are the highlights of Ellies interim financial results for the six months up to 31 October 2020 as evidence that the turnaround strategy, implemented throughout the organisation to sharpen performance, is working.

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11 October 2023
Biggest portable power stations in South Africa — Price and power outputs

Portable power stations available in South Africa are getting bigger and more powerful, making them a viable alternative for those who want to keep the lights on.

14 September 2023
Solar power rental vs buying — Prices, benefits, and downsides to consider

South Africans looking for a more affordable way to beat load-shedding can consider renting a solar and backup power system rather than buying one.

30 August 2023
Best load-shedding battery brands in South Africa

South African households are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a reliable battery brand for their backup power system.

25 August 2023
Solar financing — This is how affordable a full power backup solution can be

Backup power solutions have become a vital part of South Africans’ lives as they try to circumnavigate the challenges of load-shedding.

13 August 2023
How to beat load-shedding by buying the right portable power station

When choosing a portable power station or trolley to keep your devices powered and your family entertained during load-shedding, you should prioritise output, capacity, and features.

4 August 2023
Tips for buying a backup power solution in South Africa

There are many backup power solutions available to South Africans — including generators, battery-inverter combinations, and portable power stations.

1 August 2023
Best energy companies in South Africa

The country has many great businesses that deliver excellent products and services in the energy sector – including Ellies, SolarAfrica, EcoFlow, and Hohm Energy.

27 June 2023
Portable power station price showdown

We compared the power stations on a price-per-watt-hour (Wh) basis to determine which units offer the biggest bang for one’s buck.

26 June 2023
Best power trolley brands in South Africa

South Africans have a range of inverter trolley backup brands available to help them get through load-shedding sessions, with some of the best being Lalela, Mecer, Ellies, RCT, and Kool Energy.

26 June 2023
Ellies deal to buy Bundu Power analysed

On 1 February, Ellies announced that it would be acquiring a 100% interest in Bundu Power, a company specialising in power generation and solar.

7 March 2023
Top home solar companies in South Africa

Amid increased levels of load-shedding in recent months, demand for solar and backup power systems in South Africa has seen a flurry of suppliers enter the market.

6 March 2023
Best portable power station brands in South Africa

South Africans looking for a simple plug-and-play system to provide a modest amount of electricity during load-shedding can choose from several power station brands.

1 February 2023
Ellies buying Bundu Power for R202.6 million

Ellies informed shareholders on Wednesday that it plans to acquire backup power specialist Bundu Power for R202.6 million.

5 January 2023
Cheapest power trollies available in South Africa

Several cost-effective backup power solutions are available to help South Africans overcome the country’s rotational power cuts.

15 December 2022
Best Christmas tech deals

Tech gadgets such as headphones, gaming peripherals, TVs, coffee machines, and backup power supplies are just some products on offer from retailers across the country.

13 December 2022
Vantage begins construction on second Johannesburg data centre campus

The facility will offer renewable energy options through Vantage’s Power Purchase Agreement with SolarAfrica.

9 December 2022
Most affordable backup power systems for surviving Stage 6 load-shedding

MyBroadband has listed some of the most affordable lithium-ion backup power solutions suitable for stage 6 load-shedding below.

8 November 2022
The ultimate Black Friday 2022 tech wishlist

Black Friday is around the corner, and many South Africans will hope to see premium tech products available at significantly reduced prices during November.

15 September 2022
Best inverter trollies and power stations to beat load-shedding for under R10,000

Several power trollies and power stations are available for less than R10,000 to help households survive two hours of load-shedding.

21 July 2022
Keep your router on during load-shedding with these cheap backup batteries

For as little as R595, South Africans can get a small uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide backup power to their wireless Internet connection during load-shedding.

5 July 2022
Most affordable power trolleys for surviving Stage 6 load-shedding

There are numerous inverter trolleys for sale in South Africa that can run essential appliances to get you through load-shedding for less than R10,000.

18 June 2022
Vantage Data Centres’ 80MW facility in Waterfall City

The company recently entered a power purchase agreement with SolarAfrica to secure 33% of its power supply needs for the Waterfall campus.

10 May 2022
Ford’s massive Pretoria factory solar plant can power more than 12,000 homes

The company partnered with SolarAfrica on the first phase of its Project Blue Oval renewable energy programme.